Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day, the day on which we celebrate the women who brought us into the world. The holiday was the idea of a woman named Anna Jarvis, a schoolteacher who had lived with her mother for most of her life.

After her mother died, she got the idea to set aside one day a year for the celebration of mothers. She chose the second Sunday in May because that was when her own mother had died.

The first Mother's Day celebration was held at Anna Jarvis's church on May 10, 1908, and at the end of the service Anna Jarvis gave each mother a carnation, because carnations had been her mother's favorite flowers. The idea for the holiday spread across the country, and then the U.S. Congress made it official in 1914.

"Good Dog"

Did you know...

If trends continue, by 2017, a single computer hard drive will be able to hold all the data contained on all of the hard drives currently in existence today.

Pet for the day

Name: Maisy
Age: One and a half years old

Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla

Home: Israel

We love Maisy dearly. We got her when she was about four months old. She makes so many different sounds, depending on whether she is happy, sad, having a bad dream or if something hurts her. She even squeaks when she wants us to take her out of her cage. Her nickname is "Eemeets", because it sounds like the squeaky noises she makes.

Maisy loves to be held by us. When she sees us in the room and wants to come out of the cage, she stands next to her cage door (sometimes with her paw so cutely hanging on the bar!) and waits to be taken out. Maisy also loves to run freely on the floor, even though she sometimes runs under the sofa and it's hard to get her to come out!

She has a running wheel and sometimes runs very quickly when we try to get her out, because she thinks she can get away from us! Maisy is also very tidy and loves to clean the space under her wheel, where she sometimes hides. Every time we put her back in her cage after cleaning it, the first thing she does is explore and check to make sure everything is exactly where it's supposed to be, and also to see if we gave her any new treats!

Fitness Tip for the day

Find ways to move your body throughout the day.

Climb stairs, walk your dog, chase your kids, toss a ball with friends.

Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster.

The Act of Kindness

Stop what you are doing to help someone else catch up with their responsibilities.

Offer the letter carrier a Bottle of Water on a Hot Day

Honestly tell someone that they are doing a great Job

Video for the day

Monkey doing push-ups.