Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slip, Sliding..... Then Falling

Be Careful so this doesn't happen to you.

All alone and no place to go to get out of the rain

Here's a good cause...
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Cargo Plane Restaurant


Jump in rope-skipping...

Jump rope with a person

The Evil Look

McDonald's Fines Customers Who Take Too Long to Eat

Eat up, shop fast and move along.
That's the message some stores and fast-food establishments, including McDonald's, is giving its customers in England.
At 40 McDonald's there, drive-thru customers are given 45 minutes to finish their meal and leave the parking lot before a $225 ticket is issued, The Guardian reported.
The restrictions were put in place because people were abusing parking privileges at the establishments, a spokeswoman for McDonald's told The Guardian.
Click here to view the full report from The Guardian.
If customers decide not to pay the fine, the fee rises and they are threatened with court action, the newspaper reported.

Your House Is 'Too red'

A family in Oxfordshire is facing the possibility of their newly-built home being demolished. One of the reasons, said Cherwell District Council, was that the color of the bricks used was "too red" and should have been "more orange".
This would allow the home to blend in with others in Merton Road, Banbury which is a special conservation area. "We felt that the property is not sympathetic to the conservation area," a council spokesman said.