Friday, November 7, 2008

In the News

Bacon Wins and Fries Lost in Colorado Election
There was a tasty race for Colorado senate when voters got to choose between Bacon and Fries.
In the end, Bacon won.
Democrat incumbent Bob Bacon defeated Republican challenger Matt Fries on Tuesday 63 percent to 37 percent to represent the district that encompasses most of Larimer County in northern Colorado.
"I am so pleased that the voters appreciate the work that I have done," Bacon said
Bacon originally was elected to the seat in 2004 after serving three terms in the state House of Representatives. Fries is a long-time education advocate.
"Little House on Prairie"
Finland has rated the DVD release of the much-loved children's television series "Little House on the Prairie" suitable for adult viewing only.
To save money, Universal Pictures decided not to submit the series to state inspection, the company's Finland marketing manager Meri Suomela told Reuters on Wednesday.
Finnish authorities charge 2 euros ($2.57) per minute for assessing the correct age limit on films and television series. Distributors who forego this can only sell their shows with a sticker saying "Banned for under-18s."
"Long series can get quite expensive to check, and some use this exemption in the law to their advantage," said Matti Paloheimo, Director at the Finnish Board of Film Classification.
"Such unchecked material should not be shown to children publicly," he added.
9-year-old attempts to drive to grandma's
A 9-year-old boy is in police custody after he took his family's car on a drive to visit his grandmother.
Police received a call at around 7:30 a.m. on Monday from a passerby saying there was a car driving along a prefectural road without anyone at the wheel. An officer subsequently found the boy sitting in the driver's seat of an automatic small car in a nearby convenience store parking lot.
"It's my first time driving, but I learned from watching dad and playing at the video arcade," he told police.
The boy told police that he'd taken the car from the family home at around 6 a.m. He was planning to visit his grandmother in nearby Sekigahara, but had got lost.
The boy is around 135 cm in height, and managed to control the car by sitting at the front of the seat and clinging to wheel, allowing him to reach the pedals.
Police warned the boy's parents to look after their car more carefully in the future.

Johnny Carson and the Myna Bird

From a 1972 Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

You will have to see it to believe it

“Little Frog Keeper”

Where would you store your frogs?
She’s never going to hear the end of this.
I toad her not to do this.
They’ll drag this video out til she croaks!
This video has been on AFV