Wednesday, December 31, 2008

“Oh Boy”, what a baby

Doctors at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills, Calif. couldn't believe their eyes when they delivered - 14-pound, 2-ounce Richard Walker Sault

"Oh my God!" a nurse gasped.
For a second, mom Sara thought something might be wrong.
But her bundle of joy was perfectly healthy when he came into the world on Dec. 23.

"We thought our first baby was a miracle, and now we have this little guy," dad Richard Sault said "Guess he's not so little."
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Boy Scout Earns All 121 Merit Badges

A Long Island NY teenager has earned all 121 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America. It's an accomplishment the local arm of the organization calls "an almost unheard-of feat."
Oceanside resident Shawn Goldsmith earned his final badge — for bugling — in time for his 18th birthday in November. He far surpassed the 21 badges required to achieve the elite rank of Eagle Scout.
He says he took about five years to earn his first 62 badges and then nearly doubled that number in a matter of months. He did it with the encouragement of his grandmother, who passed away shortly before he reached his goal. He was awarded his final badges on Dec. 19.

Couple Gives Birth to Black and White Twins, Again

Black and white twins Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant proudly hold their new sisters Leah and Miya — who incredibly are ALSO twins with different colored skin.
Their mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner repeated the two-tone miracle after a seven-year gap.

Ebony and Ivory ... Alison and Dean Durrant with two sets of twins - Hayleigh and Leah on left, and Lauren holding Miya
When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple were astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mom, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.
Then this year Alison, 27, found she was expecting again — and lightning struck twice.
She had twin girls again. And little Miya was born with dark skin like her dad and Leah is white like former recruitment consultant Alison.

Dean, 33, of Fleet, Hants, said: "The girls just love Miya and Leah to bits."

County-owned front-end loader breaks through ice UPDATE

Mike Raymond, who’s worked for the county for 27 years, was not supposed to have the loader on the ice, said Polk County Highway Engineer Rich Sanders. Raymond was cleaning snow from county-owned lots in town and made a detour to the public boat launch in Central Park. According to some bystanders watching attempts to pull the loader from the river, Raymond’s plan was to clear snow from around his ice-fishing house when the ice gave way.

The back end of a back-hoe operated by Dan Bertils comes off the ground as the tension increases on the chain hooked to the sunken front-end loader. The back-hoe was secured by another chain hooked to another front-end loader parked further up the boat ramp.

Firefighters use vacuum cleaner to rescue puppy trapped in well

A family's favorite Christmas present, a Shih Tzu puppy, fell down an abandoned well in Plum Borough over the weekend. Thanks to efforts made by firefighters, the puppy made it out and survived."I woke up. My mom was in shambles, screaming and hollering. She said the puppy fell down in the well. We called 911," said pet owner Benny Palombo.Firefighters tried for three hours to get little Romeo out of a pipe.
"Eventually, we hooked up an industrial-strength vacuum and sized it down to about 1 inch. We caught on to one of the dog's legs and got it out. It was a miracle," said Assistant Fire Chief Jim Scuffle.When the dog came out of the well, it wasn't breathing. Firefighters did mouth to snout resuscitation for about half of the journey to the veterinarian. The dog eventually started to breath on its own."About halfway there, the dog started to gnaw on my finger a little bit and then it came around," said Scuffle. The vet made sure Romeo was OK, and he was.