Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woman diagnosed with fear of vegetables

Vicki Larrieux, a 22-year-old student from Portsmouth, claims she is unable to keep to a healthy diet because she is frightened of vegetables.
She suffers from a fear known as lachanophobia, which leaves her sweating and stricken with panic attacks at the merest sight of a sprout or a pea.
Miss Larrieux survives on a diet of meat, potatoes, cereals and an occasional apple but refuses even a single slice of carrot on her dinner plate.
"I have always had an irrational fear of vegetables even as a child I used to properly freak out if some carrots or a few peas were on my plate," she said.
"But as it continued into adult life I started to think it might not just be a dislike for vegetables but an actual phobia.
"Every time I would see vegetables not just on my plate, but anywhere I would get feelings of panic, start sweating and my heart rate would shoot up.
"People might think it is a bit of a laughable affliction but I have a genuine fear of greens it's not just that I dislike the taste of sprouts or broccoli, but the actual sight of them fills me with dread and I could never touch them."

This girls’ heart could stop when she cries

A couple has spoken about a medical condition which can stop their toddler daughter's heart every time she cries. Tianne Lewis, two, from Wrexham, suffers from reflex anoxic seizures (RAS), which start when she is shocked by something, or bursts into tears.
Andy McHugh and his fiancée Ceri Lewis feared they might lose their daughter after one terrifying episode.
Mr. McHugh said: "Anything that causes her to cry - falling down to bath water being too hot - can stop her heart."
The condition was discovered when Tianna was about 18 months old.
Although the family has been told there are no known fatalities, Mr. McHugh said doctors were once concerned Tianna might not survive.
“As soon as she starts to cry we head for the shower or the tap, and it goes straight to her face... I know it sounds awful, but we have to act quickly and it shocks her into taking a breath”
Andy McHugh, Tianna's father.
He said: "She had a seizure and this led to her fitting, and it went on for about two hours.
"The doctors told us that if she didn't come around within 10 or 15 minutes, she might not make it."
Mr McHugh, a car salesman, added: "When she cries, she suffers seizures.
"Whereas a normal baby will cry and take a breath, she cries and her heart stops.
"We basically have to shock her out of it before it happens.
"As soon as she starts to cry we head for the shower or the tap, and it goes straight to her face.
"I know it sounds awful, but we have to act quickly and it shocks her into taking a breath."
Mother Ceri, a hotel receptionist, remembers the moment her daughter first had a seizure.
'Deathly grey'
She said: "I picked her up out of her high chair and put her on the floor and she cried for seconds and then she looked like she had died.
"She went a deathly grey, her lips and around her eyes was blue and her eyes rolled back in her head.
"When she has the fits she stops breathing and looks dead because she stiffens up and her back arches.
"I thought she was dead and I was hysterical."
On that occasion, Mr. McHugh rushed home from work and gave his daughter mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - after which she took a "massive breath".
The couple is slowly getting used to their daughter's condition, which they hope she will grow out of.
The pair has been supported by the Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures charity (Stars).
Mr. McHugh now hopes to raise awareness of the condition and to raise money for the charity with friends by cycling around Wales next year.
Stars founder and chief executive Trudie Lobban said the condition could be as common as epilepsy, but it is thought it is being misdiagnosed.
She added: "Stars is working to support to increase awareness of RAS and to ensure children are correctly diagnosed.
"Unfortunately, statistics have shown that up to 39% of children diagnosed with epilepsy are actually misdiagnosed and many of them will be suffering with RAS."

The Great Panda Escape

In a Chinese zoo, two pandas escaped from the room.
One abstracted the keeper's attention and the other opened the door.

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Did You Know.....

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A average person breathes 7 quarts of air every minute.