Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cat helps itself to a peanut

Bubble-wrap baby:

The tiny premature child kept alive with a little packaging
He was such a special delivery, and such incredibly fragile goods, that the usual sort of wrapping just wouldn't do.
The little mite swaddled in bubble wrap is Gregor Craig, who was born at just 24 weeks weighing a tiny 1lb 14oz - so small that his father's wedding ring fitted over his arm.
His chances of survival were slim, but doctors wanted to give him every chance.
Carefully wrapped: Little baby Gregor Craig was kept warm in bubble wrap after his premature birth
So they wrapped him in the bubble wrap to keep him warm. Hospitals often use plastic wrap to help premature babies retain their body heat, but this was the first time the doctors in Kintyre, western Scotland, had used the bubble variety.

Puppy finds feline mom at animal shelter

Jelly Bean, a mother cat at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, may think her third "kitten" looks and smells a little strange, but she is letting him nurse and cuddle just the same.
Baby Bear, a chocolate Labrador retriever, came to the Humane Society as a 3-day-old puppy abandoned by his mother. Shelter workers fed him from a bottle and used a heating pad to keep him warm.
Then Jelly Bean stepped in and allowed Baby Bear to nurse with her two kittens, Jelly Roll and Jelly Belly. Nearly the same size as Baby Bear, the two kittens treat him as their brother, Humane Society spokeswoman Kelly Hitz said in a written release.
Baby Bear will be eligible for adoption when he is about 8 weeks old.