Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog and cat are inseparable

A special case of puppy love has two animal shelters working together to find the right home for a pair of best friends. When the staff at the Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) opened the night drop box, they found a big brown Pointer/Cattle Dog mix named Reddy Boy curled up with a little 4-month-old tabby cat called Mousey. A note from their previous owner that stated they were the best of friends and that Reddy Boy gets nervous when he's not near his girl Mouse. The letter said they should not be separated. TLAC does not have an area where the close chums could be housed together, so they transferred the cat and dog to the Austin Humane Society.
Reddy Boy and Mousey will live together at the Humane Society until they could be adopted together. "This odd couple plays together, hangs out together, sleep and cuddle together, and even drink out of the same water bowl," says Robin Brandon, AHS Operations Director. "Through our transfer program with TLAC, we were able to bring over 1,100 cats and dogs to our AHS adoption program last year, and this is just another example of how we work together."
Reddy Boy about 2 years old, housetrained, walks well on the leash and knows some commands. Officials at the shelter say he is a very smart dog and eager to please. Mousey is about 4-months-old, very affectionate toward people (and Reddy;) she is also confident and playful and litter trained.
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Elephant falls in love with zoo keeper

An love-struck elephant has fallen for her zoo keeper.