Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It wasn't me it was the cat.

Ancient Japanese Proverb

Special Boots for Elephants

How many times must we tell you you need to put on your boots to go out and play.
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Have you ever Prayed for Something?

Thank you Jesus


No it's not but it sorta looks like one

A deer with a single horn in the center of its head - much like the fabled, mythical unicorn - has been spotted in a nature preserve in Italy."This is fantasy becoming reality," Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, said. "The unicorn has always been a mythological animal."
The one-year-old Roe Deer - nicknamed "Unicorn" - was born in captivity in the research center's park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence, Tozzi said. He is believed to have been born with a genetic flaw; his twin has two horns. Calling it the first time he has seen such a case, Tozzi said such anomalies among deer may have inspired the myth of the unicorn.

Thanks Amy

Unusual Pet

My City is Going Under

The north end of the INRR bridge
In the middle of this picture is all you can see what's left of this bridge.
It collapse yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon

Waterloo Mayor Timothy Hurley is strongly discouraging travel into downtown Waterloo due to the rising flood waters. Access to the downtown area is very limited. All non-essential persons should stay out of the downtown Waterloo area until further notice. Mayor Hurley is asking for everyone's cooperation as we continue to work through this incident.
The City of Waterloo has an IMMEDIATE NEED for volunteers to assist with sandbagging
We wish to thank those who have been volunteering. Additional volunteers are needed immediately. Volunteers should report to the Street Department at 1601 Blackhawk Street.
Two weeks ago we went through a EF-5 Tornado = Wind speed >200 mph
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