Monday, November 5, 2007

While down there clean the floor

Just another crazy Japanese invention

What Is Pi?

Mathematician: Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Engineer: Pi is about 22/7.

Physicist: Pi is 3.14159 plus or minus 0.000005

Computer Programmer: Pi is 3.141592653589 in double precision.

Nutritionist: You one track math-minded fellows, Pie is a delicious dessert!

This Is A Zoo?

An unemployed guy got a new job at the zoo. They offered him to dress up in a gorilla's skin and pretend to be a gorilla so people will keep coming to the zoo.

On his first day on the job, the guy puts on the skin and goes into the cage. The people all cheer to see him. He starts really putting on a show, jumping around, beating his chest and roaring.

During one acrobatic attempt, though, he loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting, landing square in the middle of the lion cage! As he lies there stunned, the lion roars. He's terrified and starts screaming "Help, Help!"

The lion races over to him, places his paws on his chest and hisses, "Shut up or we'll both lose our jobs!"

Twin girl with eight limbs to have surgery

An Indian girl born with four arms and four legs is to undergo a 40-hour operation tomorrow as doctors try to give her a chance at a normal life. Lakshmi Tatma is a two-year-old girl named after the Hindu goddess of wealth who has four arms. She was believed to have been "sent from God" when she was born to a poor rural family in the Indian state of Bihar.

As news of her birth spread among the 500 inhabitants of Rampur Kodar Katti — a remote settlement without electricity or running water — men, women and children queued for a darshan, or blessing, from the baby. However, it will require the latest techniques in medical science to separate Lakshmi from her "parasitical", headless, undeveloped "twin", which is joined to her body at the pelvis.

The £100,000 operation will require differently skilled teams of more than 30 surgeons to work in eight-hour shifts to separate Lakshmi's spinal column and kidney from that of her twin.
After attempting to transplant the shared kidney wholly into Lakshmi's body, another team of surgeons will gradually close up her pelvic girdle while re-orientating her bladder and genital systems. Plastic surgeons will then graft skin to cover her wounds while an "external fixator" will be attached to close her pelvis gradually over a three-week period.

Around Britain at 8MPH

Five disabled men from Devon have completed a 5,350-mile (8,610km) journey on a mobility scooter. The intrepid Scoot-A-Long team took 117 days to travel clockwise around the UK, traveling at an average of 8mph.

The clockwise route was completed by John Duckworth, Geoff West, Simon Parrott, John Seamons and Jason Uren. Mr Seamons said it was an experience he would not have missed for the world. "It was very scary at times sitting at 8mph with traffic whizzing by at 60, 70 or 80mph," he said.
When Mr West was in the driving seat in Scotland there was a "slight disagreement" with a Ford Escort. "The scooter had a minor dent, the Escort lost its bumper," said Mr Seamons.

Mass Chaos!

Check out the Blue Ball Machine it's an amazing crazy experience!
I can't explain it that well, but it is truly a moment you will remember.
The background sound is quite nice too!