Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North to the South

This digitally-enhanced photograph shows an aurora borealis above the frozen landscape of Bear Lake, Alaska
Surreal Sundown, South Africa

Dog survives after 25 days in hole

A Jack Russell who was stuck in a rabbit hole for 25 days managed to crawl out after losing weight.
Jake lost 2kg after he disappeared during a walk.
Owner Jill Thomas, 52, from Haverfordwest, West Wales said she had given up hope of finding him alive.
She told The Sun: "We looked everywhere. But once three weeks had gone by we gave up hope."
After Jake managed to get free he made his way to a farm where children recognised him from 'missing' posters.
He was rushed to the vet who put him on a drip.
Jill's husband Rick added: "Jake was skin and bone. It was touch-and-go for a while. But he's a fit little dog and he slowly recovered."
Jill added: "We're so glad he's home. It's incredible he survived."

Bus driver awarded for safety record

A bus driver who has clocked up over a million miles in 40 years has been given an award for his safe driving.
Peter Nedin, 63, from Swansea has never crashed or even scratched his bus.
He told the Daily Mirror: "I've driven lots of different routes but I still get the same thrill every time I go out on the road.
"I'm sure there aren't many drivers like me."
A spokesperson for First Cymru: "He's a credit to himself and this firm."

Do you see what I see?


Graduation Time

Graduation and Commissioning Ceremonies held at U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland
Graduating Midshipmen, now Ensigns, throw their covers in the air after graduating during the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation and Commissioning Ceremonies at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland on May 22, 2009.

Senior Prank Teens Caught Red-Handed
Police in San Diego say a dozen high school students were caught in the act of moving hundreds of desks and chairs out of classrooms as part of a senior prank.
Police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said students obtained a copy of San Ysidro High School's master key and snuck onto campus early Tuesday. She says they were stacking desks and chairs in the hallway and putting furniture on a field in the shape of "09."
Munoz says their activity triggered motion sensors, which prompted the school's alarm company to call police.
Police cited the students who were 18 for trespassing, and those under 18 for curfew violation.
They were ordered to return the furniture to their original locations.

Girl, 3, Wakes Up From Coma Singing 'Mamma Mia'

A 3-year-old girl who fell into a coma after getting meningitis stunned her mother when she woke up singing the Abba hit "Mamma Mia."
Layla Towsey was so sick after getting the brain infection that she suffered a heart attack and had to be put on a life support machine. Her mother even kissed her goodbye.
But five days later, Layla slowly started to regain consciousness.
"We had been preparing for bad news as the life support machine was keeping her alive," said Layla's mother, Katy. "But on Sunday I could hear her singing 'Mamma Mia' quietly. I couldn't believe it. I knew then she would be OK."
Layla, from Gidea Park, East London, had learned the song after seeing the "Mamma Mia!" movie. She is now on her way to a full recovery.
"It's one of her favorite songs - she loves it," Katy added. "She got as close to death as you can get. She's a miracle."
Layla was diagnosed with meningitis B after a rash was spotted on her leg.