Friday, August 1, 2008

Texas town Stinks

The residents of a Texas border town are facing a stinky and growing problem these days: skunks. Eddie Ortega, the director of Del Rio's Community Health Service Center, said there's an unusually high number of the malodorous creatures running around these days.
"I'm not positive of the reasons behind this past year's infestation, but we have invaded their territory," he said. "Also, the heat and very little rain have probably caused them to be more active in order to find food."
The nocturnal animals are not all bad news: They keep rodents in check.
But still, Del Rio residents don't have to keep them around. The health service center is offering cages for residents to catch skunks. A worker will move them elsewhere.

Britain teenager weighs 462 pounds

Food addict Georgia Davis has told how eating is a drug as deadly as heroin for her — and has driven her weight to a life-threatening 33 stones at age 15. The scared schoolgirl admitted: "Doctors have told me I could drop dead at any moment. "I can’t walk more than a few steps without getting out of breath and a few months ago I developed Type 2 diabetes. When I look in the mirror I feel sad and go to my bedroom and cry. I know it’s partly my fault. But it’s so hard to stop eating.
"It’s like a drug. Some people choose heroin but I’ve chosen food and it’s killing me."A typical daily intake includes processed ready-meals, several sandwiches, multi-packs of peanuts and crisps, sausages, pasties, chips, chocolate and chunks of cheese — washed down with litre bottles of Coke or pints of milk. It adds up to 13,538 calories a day. The average 15-year-old girl only needs 2,000 calories a day and should weigh 9st 4lb.

Device will let you know if you forget your child in your car

A Dallas based company has created a device designed to help parents not leave their children in a vehicle. With the Child Minder System a smart pad and controller box is placed in the child's car seat. The child's weight activates the system then and if the parent turns off the car and walks away the key ring alarm unit alerts the parents the child is still inside. "It's just a constant beep like a truck backing up,

Child 'Minder Smart Pad Safety Seat Monitoring System

Key Ring Alarm Unit
The Child Minder® System