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Ticketed driver pays Wis. fine, 21 years later
KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) - Someone in Texas apparently had a guilty conscience, paying up on a parking ticket handed out 21 years before.
The Kenosha Police Department says officers found a $6 payment for the ticket, issued Jan. 20, 1987, in a drop box.
A notice on the ticket indicated that failure to pay within 120 hours would result in doubling of the $3 forfeiture.
It was signed by a man who listed a Dallas address.
Pringles can creator buried.. in Pringles can!
COLLEGE HILL, OH -- Dr. Fredric J. Baur got his wish after he died. Baur was the man who invented the design for the Pringles potato chip can.And after he passed away last month his family honored his last wishes, and placed some of his remains inside a Pringles can. That can was then placed inside a traditional urn, both now resting in the Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township, Ohio.

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Disabled woman plans a trip around Britain

A record-breaking quadriplegic sailor is preparing to sail solo around Britain in a 20ft boat controlled by her breath. Hilary Lister, 36, from Dunkirk, Kent, became the first quadriplegic sailor to cross the English Channel, in 2005. She solo circumnavigated the Isle of Wight in July last year, becoming the first female quadriplegic to do so.
Mrs Lister, who has no movement below her neck, controls the boat using straws to adjust the sails and tiller. She is planning to start her trip in Dover, in her boat, the Artemis 20, on 9 June. It is anticipated the clockwise journey, which will be taken in a series of day sails, will take three to four months. Mrs Lister has been paralyzed for seven years as a result of a progressive degenerative disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy.
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