Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meet Comet the Goldfish

Comet the goldfish may be the world's most intelligent fish after its owner, trained it to perform a range of aquatic activities. Comet can play football, basketball and even limbo dance under a bar. The genius of the water world can also play fetch with a hoop, slalom around a series of poles and push a rugby ball over a set of posts.

Dr Pomerleau, 41, from Los Angeles, used a training technique called positive reinforcement to train Comet to perform the tricks.
This involves rewarding the fish with food when it successfully completes a task. Dr Pomerleau insisted there was nothing fishy about his claim, saying anyone can teach their pet to perform similar tricks.

A horse trying to eat an apple

Bambi and Thumper

Elephant Shrew, Denver Zoo, Denver, CO

Rocky Fusses over Cindy

Giant Great Dane Rocky has landed himself a barmy new role – as the STEPMOM of an abandoned fawn.

Tiny doe Cindy was brought to a rescue center on the brink of death at a few days old. But the deer quickly developed a heart-warming bond with nine-stone Rocky, who belongs to a center boss.
Two weeks on the pooch has all but adopted his little pal, striking a watchful pose as she totters about. Pauline Kidner – founder of the center in Highbridge, Somerset – said: "It’s lovely to see. Rocky acts just like Cindy’s mom."

Dutch farmers tip-toe through the tulips

These photographs, were taken in the northern Netherlands.

The cultivation of flower bulb began more than 400 years ago and today Holland produces more than nine billion bulbs every year, of which two thirds are exported overseas.

Evenly distributed, this number would allow for almost two flower bulbs for every person on the planet.