Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Squirrel who went nuts for a banana

Given the choice, he would probably have preferred to nibble on a nut. Most squirrels would have ripped it to a messy pulp. But this one - clearly smarter than the average park dweller - had other ideas.

Having spied the discarded banana lying on the ground, he scrambled from his tree for a closer look. He assessed the best way of opening it. Then, carefully and methodically, he placed one of his front paws on the bottom of the fruit to hold it in place before using his teeth to peel back the skin.

Bob Bradley, a squirrel specialist, said: "It's highly unusual for a squirrel to eat a banana. "But they are very, very adaptable creatures. I'm not sure if it's them being supremely intelligent - they're just very good at their job."

Suckling pigs hound dog for milk

A German Shepherd feeds two piglets in Juancho, Honduras.
The picture was shot the day after they were abandoned by their mother.

Piglets suckle German Shepherd

It is not the first time piglets have found a surrogate mother of a different species.
Last year a zoo in China wrapped three piglets in furry strpped jackets and gave them to a mother tiger who had lost her own offspring to help her get over it.
Instead of eating the little porkies she let them suckle her.