Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crinkly, the odd-necked swan

Members of the British public are being asked to keep a keen eye out for Crinkly, a rather unique, wobbly-necked swan.
Crinkly acquired her name due to her unusual disability; she has a long neck containing distinct kinks.
Yet despite this apparent handicap, Crinkly is expected to arrive in the UK any day, to spend the winter here with 3,500 or more other Bewick's swans.
If she does arrive, researchers will have recorded her flying more than 20,000 miles in total.
"This year, we're especially keen to know if Crinkly is on her way," says Julia Newth, WWT's wildlife health research officer.
"Given her deformity, it would be a major achievement if a swan so un-aerodynamic collects 20,000 air miles, a feat we have never witnessed before during studies of more than 10,000 swans dating back nearly 50 years. We're hoping the public will keep a look-out and let us know if she's spotted."

The $400,000,000.00 Question?

Officials in Hartford, Connecticut are trying to solve a $400 million mystery: Who owns the cash?
The state treasurer's office says the unclaimed funds include dormant balances in savings and checking accounts, unclaimed wages and uncashed checks for insurance benefits. The agency says the money belongs to 887,000 people.
The state published the names of nearly 34,000 people who have been recently added to Connecticut's unclaimed properties list, in an effort to find the rightful owners.
Officials say they returned more than $32 million last year to nearly 15,000 people who filed claims.
All unclaimed property and the owners are listed on the Web site.