Saturday, December 20, 2008

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Oldest Spider Web Found in Amber

December 16, 2008—The world's oldest spider web (above) has been found in a piece of amber on the south coast of England, scientists announced recently.
Amateur paleontologist Jamie Hiscocks found the amber deposits, long hidden by sands and tides, and gave them to an Oxford University team.
Until the new find, the oldest known amber containing ancient animals dated to the Middle Cretaceous period, about 120 million years ago.
But Oxford's Martin Brasier and Laura Cotton have now pushed back the "amber window" to 140 million years ago, during the heyday of the dinosaurs.
The scientists used computer-imaging techniques to create detailed images of "supremely delicate" fossil structures, such as silk threads and forest fungi.
Early observations of the fossil show that the threads resemble silk spun by modern spiders.

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What Happens When You........


“Garlic salt used on roads to melt ice”

Ankeny, Iowa slush has never smelled so spicy. City crews in the Des Moines suburb of Ankeny are using garlic salt to melt snow and ice on streets from Tuesday's storm. The salt was donated by Tone Brothers Inc., a top spice producer headquartered in Ankeny.
Public Works Administrator Al Olson said the company donated 18,000 pounds of garlic salt to use on its 400 miles of roads.
Olson doesn't have details, but he said the salt would have ended up in the landfill, so the company donated it. A telephone call Wednesday to Tone Brothers wasn't immediately returned.
Olson said the city mixed the garlic salt with regular road salt and it works fine. He said some road workers say it makes them hungry, but Olson doesn't recommend it to spice up lunch or dinner.
Workers added garlic salt with their own mixture.

Drivers Can't Make it up Icy Hill

Well done. You can never go wrong with the Yacky Sax song.

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