Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Have you been in mommies makeup?


Lotto winners give £3.9 million to company they work for

A syndicate of 13 workers who won £3.9 million on the lottery have given the winnings to the boss of the company they are employed by to help it through the recession.
Andy Whitaker, 44, has managed to keep the family-run motor repair company going despite a dismal year for the car industry.
Now he is to be helped after his winning employees asked to pledge much of their £300,000 shares into the firm ASK Rewinds in Accrington, Lancs so they could become investors.
"Normally you hear about people wanting to spend their Lotto winnings on themselves and high living but its great the workforce are thinking about their futures too - despite it not being as good time for savers."
We're going to have a staff party to celebrate and I think everyone will be enjoying the win with their families. But we'll go back to normality on Monday

Obese man had to take rental truck to get to court

Stephen Turo of Genoa sits in the back of a rental truck after his arraignment in Cayuga County Court. The arraignment took place on the loading dock. To the right is Turo's attorney Doug Bates.
Auburn, NY -- Stephen A. Turo, of Genoa, sat on a chair covered with a blanket in the back of a rental truck, shivering in the 18-degree cold, as Cayuga County Judge Thomas G. Leone arraigned him Monday on a 24-count indictment alleging sale and possession of prescription painkillers.
Turo, 56, of 1138 Maple St., by his own estimate weighs about 700 pounds. He was accompanied to the arraignment by his wife and daughter, and he sucked oxygen from two plastic tubes fed by a portable machine during the proceeding.
It was an unusual setting for a court proceeding: a 10-foot box truck backed up to the loading dock in the rear of the Historic Post Office in Auburn. Leone and a dozen other court personnel stood in the swirling snow for the 15-minute proceeding.

World’s oldest conjoined twins

Extraordinary life ... Ronnie, left, and Donnie share a home in Dayton, Ohio

When Maureen Galyon gave birth in 1951, she had no idea she was expecting two babies - let alone conjoined twins.
The tots, joined at the torso, were not expected to survive the night as baffled doctors tried to work out if they could be separated.
Now, at 57, Ronnie and Donnie are the world’s oldest conjoined twins and have amazed the medic world by hanging onto life for so long.
And, as their health declines and they near their dying days, the pair have opened their doors to a documentary team to reveal the secrets of their extraordinary life together.
Although every day is a struggle as the men have to coordinate the simplest of tasks, they have a close, loving relationship and are able to live together in their own home in Dayton, Ohio.
The affectionate documentary, Extraordinary People: The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins on Five on March 18 at 9pm, will bring hope to British mum Lisa Chamberlain who is expecting conjoined twins as it shows it is possible for the babies to not only survive but to live a happy life.