Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Worth nothing and more accurate the million dollar radar they got !

Baby Gives The Evil Eye

Funny Occasions in Churches

A series of incredible situation in churches!

Peek-A-Boo Giraffe

Just Animals

Guard Dog
Responsible Parent
Being A Look Out
Tasting The Rainbow
Thirsty Squirrel

"Rent–A–Dog" Tries To Open In Boston

The company that broke new ground last year by opening its dog renting business in New York, Los Angeles and London isn't exactly being welcomed as it tries to expand to Massachusetts.
Today, the city of Boston, where the company FlexPetz plans to open a new store this year, is considering prohibiting pet renting. A City Council committee was to discuss a potential ban Monday, the Boston Globe reports.
Earlier this month, the state of Massachusetts considered a ban on leasing dogs or cats by the hour or day in response to the company's plans to open a Boston location.
Animal welfare advocates have howled in protest, saying the service treats pets like disposable commodities and resembles Netflix but with dogs. The company, however, has defended its treatment of its animals, saying the concept is more akin to a vacation time share or a gym membership than movie rental, preferring to call it "shared pet ownership."

Indoor Slide

These slides were installed by Carsten Höller in the Tate Modern art gallery.
It’s on the South Bank in London, although the slides have gone now.