Friday, December 14, 2007

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"It just got out of control. I'm a Christmas junkie."

It’s A Bird Feeder

But now it's a squirrel trap

Dogs to the Rescue

Woman’s life saved by dogs
A dog stayed by its owner's side as she lay injured in freezing temperatures for more than 10 hours. Pauline Muggleton fell over on Ferndown common while walking pet Goldie and remained there into the small hours of the morning.

She was found by Border collie Charlie from Dorset Search Dogs after her husband John, a town councilor who represents the Links ward, raised the alarm. Police say because of the conditions on Saturday night the 77-year-old "would not have lasted much longer" if she hadn't been found.
Dogs save drowning toddler
The old adage that dogs are man's best friend can now be extended to young boys after a Queensland toddler was apparently saved from drowning by his family's pets after he fell into a dam. The two-year-old had wondered off away from his home at Andergrove, north of Mackay, at around 11am and into a neighboring property about 300m down the road.
It is believed the family pets — a Rottweiler cross and a Staffordshire bullterrier — followed him to the dam on the property. Sergeant Eric Close of Mackay police station said the toddler apparently fell into the dam before being rescued by the dogs. "The boy was found covered in mud with both of the dogs beside him," he said. "He also had several scratches and abrasions on his arms that were consistent with the dogs dragging him out of the dam. If that's what actually happened, then it's quite remarkable." The boy was taken with his mother to Mackay Base Hospital, from where he was released in good health after a check-up and a wash.

Family ill after taking in stray kitten

It was small, cute and furry, and 7-year-old Pam Dixon fell in love. "It's got a little black nose," she said.So when Pam and her older sister found the limping kitten outside, they brought it home, hoping to nurse it back to health. However, Pam and her siblings would soon need the nursing.
A week after taking in the kitten, the two girls developed an itchy rash all over their bodies. Eventually, five of the six Dixon children got the rash. "My middle daughter, Kimmy, she never got better, ended up having to go to the hospital and get intravenous antibiotics," James Dixon said.
"We discovered it was from a fungus that the cat had." A veterinarian informed the Dixons that the cat had microsporum gypsum, a form of ringworm. Since then, every day has been a struggle at the Dixon home. "It's been day to day, sanitizing everything everybody touches, treating hundreds of spots on the kids, twice a day, every day," Dixon said.
Dixon said his family's mistake should be a caution to others who might take in a stray animal. "Find out if there's anything wrong with them before you let your kids play all over the floor with them, because they scatter their germs everywhere."