Monday, July 14, 2008

Bird food?

One of the greatest secrets of life is having patience…

Knowing when to walk away and when to run.

A man sings his puppies to sleep

In the News

Escaped bull gatecrashes neighbors's pool party
To celebrate the completion of his new swimming pool, businessman Jamie Stewart invited a few friends and family over for a dip.
But the last thing the bemused host expected was to be disturbed by a gatecrasher - in the shape of a half-ton bull.
The massive animal had escaped from a nearby field and was being chased by farm-hands when he crashed into Mr Stewart's garden - and dived headlong into the water.
And since such a large beast could hardly use the step-ladder to climb out, he was forced to tread water for the next three hours until firemen could drain away the water and hoist him back onto dry land.
Rescued ram makes himself at home
A huge ram has made himself at home in his rescuer's house after resisting all attempts to return him to farm life. The 22st (139kg) sheep, named Nick Boing, was rescued by David Palmer as a new-born lamb three years ago.
But despite efforts to reintroduce Nick to his natural habitat, he prefers the home comforts of a Cardiff suburb. Even though he now has his own bungalow in the garden with carpet and windows, he still likes to watch TV in the family living room, and take car trips. Mr Palmer, 53, said Nick had even slept in his bed when he was a lamb, but was too big for that now.