Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Odd Couple

I wonder if they are called Oscar and Felix

Tony Randall, Jack Klugman
Two men, a neat freak and a slob separated from their wives...

A Chinese zoo says a wolf and a goat have become unlikely sweethearts after sharing a cage together. Keepers at the zoo, in White Tower Park, Nanchong city, says the pair have become inseparable. "If the goat is gone for a bit, the wolf will howl and run frantically around the cage until she comes back," said keeper, Mr Xu.
Prey and predator only started dating by accident a month ago, Xu told the West China City News. "Early one morning I opened the goat's fence to let her out to eat, and unexpectedly the wolf came out, because we hadn't locked his cage securely," he said. "The wolf ran straight to the goat's fence, and started howling when it smelled the goat. The goat was so scared you could see her legs shaking." Xu says he had to protect the goat until other employees came to help separate the animals. "But for the next several nights the two started getting to know each other better, and even exchanged howls and baas. You could tell they were flirting," says Xu.
Five days later Xu and his colleagues came to a decision: "We thought, since they so much wanted to, why not put them together? It's really rare for a wolf and a goat to be so close." The zoo says that since being put together, the wolf and the goat have done everything together - except share meals. The wolf sticks to his meat while the goat enjoys a vegetable diet.

BUDDY - Watch Out For That.....


AmyOops said...
I love that picture!!

Bearback Rider


Darby Reynaert, 12, doesn't seem inclined to try one of Cafe Insecta's "chocolate chirp" cookies.

MIDLAND, Mich. — Tired of the same old lunch? How about a helping of hot, crunchy mealworm fried rice?

"They mostly taste like rice, but they also taste kind of like a pizza crust," said Alex Svenson, 7, after munching the mixture alongside other children at Cafe Insecta at Dow Gardens, a botanical garden in Midland.

Dow Gardens Staff Entomologist Elly Maxwell planned the event and cooked bug goodies as part of the gardens' spring break exhibit featuring thousands of live butterflies.

"I was just looking for new ideas to make butterflies more interesting," Maxwell said.

Maxwell offered a brief presentation on bugs as food before inviting children to try "chocolate chirp" cookies, made with house crickets, and mealworm fried rice, made with rice, soy sauce, egg, garlic, mealworms and giant mealworms.

The mealworms wriggled in a plastic bag on the table next to the pot of fried rice.

Maxwell said all the insects are "food grade" and safe to eat.

In some cultures people consider insects a delicacy. Maxwell noted that bugs and bug parts often accidentally make it into products eaten every day, from cereal to chocolate. The government sets acceptable levels of bug bits in food, she said.

Most of the youths at the event tried the cookies, but many were more skittish about the rice.

"I don't like them; I don't want to get sick," said Luke Sampson, 5, of the mealworms.

But Luke said he's not a picky eater and that he liked the cookies.
Lisa said...Darby, the girl in this article is actually my little sister and she will try just about anything. She's a wonderfully beautiful and brave person!

Heinz ketchup goes upscale

Heinz are launching a premium version of their famous tomato ketchup, to appeal to customers with “more sophisticated taste buds.” The Special Blend Tomato Sauce, which will be in the shops from mid-April, contains a gourmet mix of twelve tomatoes along with spices, sea salt, demerara sugar, cayenne pepper and lemon juice.
It is aimed at attracting more “adventurous” cooks, and will be available in a 325g glass bottle to give it a more “luxurious” feel. But at £1.75, the sauce is around three times the price of standard Heinz ketchup.Caroline Clarke, from Heinz, said: “Driven by a heightened awareness for wellbeing, there is a growing interest in premium products, and more specialist ingredients.“
Heinz Special Blend Tomato Sauce responds to these demands and is the ideal condiment for families who want a more sophisticated table sauce to match their palate.”

'Ouch Charlie!'

A toddler with an accent.

Litter rejected as 'wrong type of waste'

Volunteers gave up their free time and dodged snow showers to collect rubbish blighting part of Woodbridge.
But when they tried to dispose of the litter at a Suffolk County Council site they were told it was the “wrong type of waste”.

Mark Deer, the council's waste services manager, said: “Unfortunately the site can not accept that type of waste.

Waste is categorized - we cannot take in everything and if we are caught accepting waste not permitted under our license we could be prosecuted.”

Doberman vs Chihuahua

Mischievous Maker

If I could turned back time