Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eyes Bigger than Stomach

Man buys New Chevy Pickup with Change

An Ohio man with a hatred of paper money slapped down $8,000 in coins at a car dealership to buy a Chevrolet pickup then paid the rest by check.
James Jones, 70, produced 16 coffee cans full of coins to buy his new Chevrolet Silverado in Cincinnati and staff spent 90 minutes counting it.
But his coin hoard only covered half of the $16,000 price tag.
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India's 'fragrant' rubbish dumps

Authorities in the western Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) have been dousing rubbish dumps with perfume to lessen the putrid stench.
Municipal workers have been spraying two landfills in the city with herbal perfume for the last six months after residents complained of the stink.
Locals say perfuming the rubbish has lessened the stench. Environmentalists say it is an unsustainable solution.
Mumbai has a population of nearly 18 million, and generates 8,500 metric tonnes of rubbish every day. Nearly 500,000 people live near rubbish landfills.
Officials say that the stench from the landfills in Deonar and Mulund was so great that local residents started protesting.
So the authorities hit upon the novel idea of dousing the landfills with perfume to kill the stench.
A herbal perfume diluted with water is sprayed over the landfills almost every day.
The perfume costs $114,000 for 42,000 liters, which is required to "perfume" the landfills for between six to eight months.
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Bride and groom got stood up at their wedding

A fish and chip shop owner came to the rescue of a couple when a catering company let them down on their wedding day.
James and Hannah Kirkby thought their 52 guests would be going home hungry after caterers failed to turn up for their wedding reception.
But after a series of frantic phone calls the newly-weds found help from a local chippy and guests were served catch-of-the day straight from the paper.
Chef James Kirkby, aged 24 years, and Hannah Phillips, 21, were married at St Mary’s Church in Martinstown, near Weymouth, Dorset, before the disaster struck at the reception.
After receiving the SOS call the Marlboro restaurant in Weymouth, co-owner Mike Johnson delivered the meals within an hour.
"Everyone really enjoyed it and got into the spirit of things, the ushers were there handing all the food out.
"We were nearly left with a lot of hungry guests but it was quite funny in the end. James and Hannah had a lovely day."
Restaurant co-owner Johnson, said: "We’ve done some big orders in our time but 52 people like that was definitely a first."
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