Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bride and groom got stood up at their wedding

A fish and chip shop owner came to the rescue of a couple when a catering company let them down on their wedding day.
James and Hannah Kirkby thought their 52 guests would be going home hungry after caterers failed to turn up for their wedding reception.
But after a series of frantic phone calls the newly-weds found help from a local chippy and guests were served catch-of-the day straight from the paper.
Chef James Kirkby, aged 24 years, and Hannah Phillips, 21, were married at St Mary’s Church in Martinstown, near Weymouth, Dorset, before the disaster struck at the reception.
After receiving the SOS call the Marlboro restaurant in Weymouth, co-owner Mike Johnson delivered the meals within an hour.
"Everyone really enjoyed it and got into the spirit of things, the ushers were there handing all the food out.
"We were nearly left with a lot of hungry guests but it was quite funny in the end. James and Hannah had a lovely day."
Restaurant co-owner Johnson, said: "We’ve done some big orders in our time but 52 people like that was definitely a first."
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