Saturday, September 5, 2009

Man Inflates Balloons from his Ears

Moradabad resident Khem Karan Koli doesn't blow up balloons the traditional way.
[Khem Karan Koli, Children’s Entertainer]:
"Once I was sitting with small children and blowing balloons for them with my mouth and nose. My wife asked me if I could blow balloons from my ears. I thought of giving it a shot. Since then I have been blowing balloons with my ears."

He normally uses a small sketch pen with no refill and opened at both ends.

Koli ties a balloon on one end of the sketch pen tube and inflates it from the other end.

He blocks his nose and mouth and pumps up the balloon through his ears with the support of the empty sketch pen.

"Normally, I blow balloons with my ears only. The kids like it very much. They clap and cheer me on when I perform this feat. This encourages me to blow more balloons. It's my wife who first inspired me to do this."

Small children are intrigued by Koli’s unusually feat and they encourage him to blow up more balloons for them.

Electronic Noise Makers

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