Saturday, July 12, 2008

5-pack of newborn baby hedgehogs

Groundsman destroys golf course with weedkiller

A golf club's fairways were turned brown after the groundsman accidentally watered the course with industrial strength weedkiller.
The normally lush fairways have been scorched away after the groundsman sprayed them with a chemical usually used to destroy grass growing through pavements and roads.
A total of 11 holes have been ruined at Haywards Heath Golf Club in West Sussex, and will remain rusty brown for months to come. Many members, who pay £1,100 a year, fear that prolonged rain could turn them to mud.

Ski Fence

Picture News

Women play ball in the Nkowankowa Township in Limpopo, South Africa.
The grannies play twice a week to keep fit and show their support for the
2010 World Cup which will be held in South Africa
Ben Rojewski, aged seven, plays at the annual Mud Day at Nankin Mills recreation complex in Westland, Michigan
Festival-goers dance in mud during the second day of the music festival in Pryor, Oklahoma
Australian swimmer and Olympic gold medallist Brooke Hanson is kissed by a seal during a promotional event at Sydney Aquarium
How wild animals help each other out by eating bugs and parasites

I want food in the refrigerator!

Baby Elephant Learning To Walk

Telephone box 'tree': art or eyesore?

When artist Barry Robinson saved three traditional red phone boxes from the scrap heap he was praised by his neighbors.

That is, until he decided to mount them on a 20ft high girder in their rural village.
Mr Robinson created the unusual "work of art" in a field opposite his home in Hurley, Warwickshire, by bolting the three boxes onto an metal girder, which has been painted green and fashioned to look like a tree.
The 65-year-old describes the eye-catching structure, which was built without planning permission, as a celebration of Britishness.
However, his neighbors have branded it an "eyesore" and want it removed.
The artist Barry Robinson said 'I think it looks marvelous'