Saturday, February 9, 2008

Your Pet Safety

Driver has fewer distractions
Dog rides secure and comfortable
Helps protect your dog in sudden stops or accidents
Non-neck type harness will not injure the dog’s neck in a sudden stop
Protective comfortable chest pad - helps protect the dog at high impact stress points.
Easy to use - quick-release buckles for harness attachments and fully adjustable.
Easy seat belt hook-up - securing strap detaches for easy hook-up to fleece-lined harness.
There is another version for small dogs and cats

What do you get when you cross a goat with a sheep you get a GEEP

Leaping into the air, she looks like something from the funny farm.
But this curious creature is making scientists do a double-take.
Meet Lisa the geep... a cross between a goat and a sheep.

Fancy Elevator At The Louvre

Should you ever visit the Louvre museum in Paris (France) then don't forget to take this fancy elevator for a spin.

16 year-old Builds Bicycle Entirely Out Of Wood

High school student Marco Facciola built a bike out of wood. I'm talking every part is made out of wood. "Marco had to complete this as a non-academic project for his International Baccalaureate, and inspiration came from his grandfather, forced to make wooden wheels for his bike during the war due to rubber shortages."

1960s Kids Game Pie Face

He'll wake up with a monster hangover...

Yes, that's a drunk passed out.


When you make a statement about being cool just remember what you may look like.

There is a cure for sleepless nights (For Some People)

A man who could not get a good night sleep for nearly 20 years because of a medical disorder has been cured.
Philip Skeates, 39, has sleep apnea, which causes his airways to become blocked, causing him to snore loudly and leaving him exhausted every day. Doctors at Great Western Hospital in Swindon monitored him and found he stopped breathing 90 times an hour. A machine with a mask which helps open up breathing passages now helps him get up to seven hours sleep a night. He said that since he began using the continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machine, life had improved immensely.
Photo from here.

PERSONAL NOTE: I also have a problem with sleep apnea but I was also cured with a CPAP machine six years ago. I did have problems with driving but I was lucky nothing happen. I was lucky because I live by myself at the time, I felt something was wrong when I wake up in the middle of the night coughing.


TAMPA, Fla. — Authorities say a Labrador retriever named Jet really can fly. The 65-pound dog survived a six story leap from a Tampa airport parking garage and lived.
Police and Jet's owners and vet say the 2-year old dog accidentally leaped over a parking garage railing on New Year's Eve and walked away from the landing -- 60 to 80 feet below.
Jet spent the night at a vet's office with a collapsed lung and some cuts and bruises. But by the next day, the dog was getting antsy again.
His owners are Clayton and Jessica Tieman of Largo. They named Jet for the sheen of his black fur, not for any flying abilities. They say their next dog will get a more earthly name, perhaps Scooter.

For the Cat Lovers

Cat Shredder

A Kitten Attacks a Golden Retriever

12 year-old Ellie weighs 36lb and cannot put on weight

A schoolgirl who weighs two-and-a-half stone and cannot put on weight has baffled doctors. Ellie Wiseman, 12, has undergone extensive tests during 130 hospital visits, but her condition remains undiagnosed. Despite eating six meals a day, she is unable to gain weight. At 4ft tall, she weighs just 36lb - little more than a toddler.
Ellie is so weak that she can only walk for 100 yards before resting and has to use a stroller and an electric wheelchair to help her get around. However, she still manages to attend school. Her mother, Kirsty, 36, and father Mark, 41, a former Army sergeant, refuse to accept that nothing can be done. Mrs Wiseman, from Ashton-in-Makerfield, Greater Manchester, said: "I have strong suspicions about the cause of her condition. My husband spent 22 years in the Army and was in the Gulf War."
Mrs Wiseman has kept an internet blog since 2005 detailing Ellie's case. She has just been contacted by a woman in Nevada, whose husband is a professor of medicine, inviting them to see a specialist geneticist and cardiologist in America.Ellie is attempting a one-mile sponsored walk near their home in April to raise £5,000 for the trip.


Friday, February 08, 2008
A teenager from the U.K. discovered her organs were failing by chance, after playing with her grandmother's blood pressure machine, the Daily Mail reports.
Amea O'Nion went to the doctor after the machine showed she had high blood pressure. Shortly after, doctors found she was suffering from kidney failure.
"Amea was diagnosed with kidney failure in October 2006 and put on dialysis," her mother Denise Andrews told the Daily Mail. "We really didn't know how close she was to dying. She could have had a heart attack."
Following the diagnosis, the 17-year-old received dialysis each night to clean her blood.
Andrews, a mother of five, ultimately gave one of her kidneys to her daughter. The pair had the operation two weeks ago at hospital in London.
"The operation was more painful for me as the donor," Andrews said. "But it was well worth it to see the color return to Amea's face."
"I'm really grateful to my mum," said O'Nion. "It's made me see her in a different light. Before the operation she was my mum but now we're even closer."
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