Sunday, September 2, 2007


Sweet Dreams...
Dreams of chew toys, tasty treats, and comfy beds is enough to make anyone smile! ;)

Will Pray For Food!

How To Serve Baby Kitty Cuteness!
First, wrap your tiny fuzzy in a towel so as to accentuate the bubblehead and teensy-eensy ears.
Now that your baby kitty is in prime position, get ready to squeal and kiss, kiss, kiss repeatedly! ;)

Need A Lift?
Here's something to lift your spirits and refill your cuteness meter before the beginning of another loong work week! ;)

What makes an irresistibly adorable pug puppy just *Eeeeeee*?! Teeny tiny blue PJs. ;)

CATS do have odd looking eyes

Traffic Jam

It seems that a herd of bison was crossing the roadway… and at their own s l o w pace.

"All Parking" will be on the street "No Exceptions"

Including Bicycles
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