Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pro Bottle Tosser

Pets on lap while driving may soon be a no-no in Calif.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Pull over and put down the dog. A California lawmaker wants to ban motorists from holding pets on their laps while driving and getting caught can net a $35 fine. The bill passed the Assembly on a 44-11 vote on Monday, and heads to the Senate.
Assemblyman Bill Maze says his legislation has nothing to do with pet-loving celebrities who are photographed driving around Los Angeles with their small dogs.
Maze says he introduced the bill after seeing a woman driving with three dogs on her lap.
He says pets are a distraction that put motorists and their passengers at risk.

Man seeks help for non-stop hiccups

A singer who estimates that he has hiccupped almost 10 million times in the last 15 months is to undergo an operation to cure him from the condition.
Christopher Sands has tried every possible cure for his hiccups
Christopher Sands, 24, has tried all manner of remedies - ranging from old wives’ tales like eating honey while hanging upside down, to hi-tech cures such as sitting in a compression chamber - since his hiccupping fit began in February 2007.
Now he is to undergo keyhole surgery after doctors diagnosed a damaged stomach valve. The faulty valve has been causing acid reflux - a condition where stomach acid leaks into the gullet causing heartburn and hiccups.

My Dog Is Bigger Then Your Dog

How would you like to feed these kids?????

Forget feeding these things!
How'd you like to be the pooper scooper upper???