Monday, July 21, 2008

Did you know this about “ICE CREAM?”

In the USA more ice cream is consumed per head than any other country in the world – such is the love of ice cream amongst Americans. This is reflected in other ways too, not least by the fact that the USA has its own ‘National Ice Cream Month’. Since 1984, when President Reagan proclaimed that National Ice Cream Month be celebrated annually, every July has been a focus for greater attention to ice cream in the United States with the 3rd Sunday of that month each year being National Ice Cream Day.
Definitely One Of My Favorite Holidays Maybe Even Yours.

In the News

$20,000 Earrings Found in New York Trash Dump
Diamonds in the rough? Try a $20,000 pair of the glinting gems in a reeking truckload of trash.
A Staten Island jeweler got her 3-carat diamond earrings back after she, her husband and city sanitation employees sorted through a heap of garbage.
"It's a miracle — $20,000 earrings looking at you from the garbage," said their owner, Haya Sharon.
The studs, an anniversary gift from her husband, were in a small jar of cleaning solution. A worker at the couple's jewelry store accidentally threw it away.
Dentists' drill and toothbrush under threat from new inventions
The dentists' drill could be consigned to the past while the future of the toothbrush is under threat, with the arrival of two radical new inventions that could be available within five years.
Scientists at Leeds Dental Institute have created a solution that mimics the way the body forms new teeth, which can be used to repair holes naturally without the need for drilling and filling.
The same researchers have also formulated a mouthwash that kills the bacteria that cause plaque when a light is shone into the mouth.
They believe the mouthwash could be available in as little as three years or less while the alternative to drilling could be ready for use within five years.