Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Very Happy Ending

Parents save twin boys found floating unconscious in pool

Twin two-year-old boys were miraculously brought back from the dead by their parents after almost drowning in their grandmother's swimming pool.

Belinda and Shaun Hedley worked for five desperate minutes to resuscitate their sons, Braith and Seth, who were found floating side by side, face down in the backyard pool.

In an amazing story of determination and heroism, the couple drew on their first-aid training and revived the boys before an ambulance arrived.

“I thought: ‘We’ve lost both of them’,” their mother, Belinda, 33, said. “I thought to myself: ‘We can’t go on living’. But I knew we just couldn’t give up. We had to do something.”

Mr Hedley lifted the seemingly lifeless bodies from the pool and, still standing in the water, began trying to revive one of the boys. Mrs Hedley worked on the other twin, using training that they had received at a first-aid course.

An ambulance officer who attended the accident, Daryl Taylor, said: “The parents saved their lives. Obviously it’s the most important thing a parent could probably do, giving life-saving treatment such as this.”

Pictures for the day

Not everything in war is bad

Fitness Tip for the day

Do you have pot belly problems?

No matter how hard you work out with abdominal exercises and how well you eat it sometimes seems like that pot belly just will not go away. The trick is to be patient and concentrate on doing your ab exercises correctly. It is better to do fewer reps and do them perfectly than to do a whole bunch of sloppy crunches. Be sure you are tensing your stomach muscles all the way through your crunches. Do not use your arms to yank your body off the floor. Force your tummy muscles to do the work.
Do your ab exercises slowly and right you will get more benefits from them.

Joke for the day

I need your help

You may be able to help me.

As always, when I need advice or counsel I turn to my most trusted friends and family.

I do this because I know you will always be candid and honest with me.

I need your opinion on something that has been bothering me for some time now.

I am counting on you, so please don't let our relationship influence your answer.

Thanks in advance!


Does this bikini make my butt look too big???

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Kitten and Crow Couple