Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baby born with teeth

Teething troubles started early for a Worthing mom when midwives made a dental discovery on her newborn baby. Beautiful Megan Andrews was born at 7:23pm on June 29, a healthy baby girl. But doctors soon discovered she came with extras – at least seven teeth. Mom Claire Slimming, 20 – she was born with 12 teeth – said she was "a little bit shocked" by the news. "At three days old, she'd already had two dentist appointments." Megan's front four teeth have been removed because they were loose and at risk of being inhaled, but the remaining teeth are solid and pose no risk.

Bottle of water $55 in New York

Via Genova, a water bar in Chappaqua, N.Y. is cashing in on the craze, stocking water bottles that look more like collectors items.
"I have probably close to 80 different types of waters", owner Diane Felicissimo said. This luxury water comes from all over the world and contains magnesium, calcium and even potassium.
One brand, "10 thousand B.C." is a top seller at $30 per bottle. If you want some "Bling H2O" plan on paying $55 for less than a liter.
And Felicissimo treats her water more like wine."I pair the waters with my food," she said.
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Going My Way

A bird hitching a ride