Monday, March 8, 2010

Rabbit walking on hind legs


The Other Side

Bozeman Police Officer Marek Ziegler was called to Van's IGA last Friday night to check on a shoplifting report.
The 33-year-old officer has been on the Bozeman force for three years. He is a K-9 handler and works nights, from about 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.
When he got to the grocery store on North Seventh Avenue, employees told Ziegler that a 32-year-old man had stuffed food and "pens, pencils, maybe markers, things for his kids" into his coat.
The officer arrested the man, cited him for theft and then released him.
But the story didn't end there.

Left-Handed People

Benjamin Franklin
Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Jefferson
Herbert Hoover
Napoleon Bonaparte
Harry Truman
Julius Ceasar
Gerald Ford
Winston Churchhill
Sam Adams
Jon of Arc
Fidel Castro
Otto Von Bismarck
Bob Dole
John McCain
Alexander the Great
Steve Forbes
Da Vinci (cross dominance)
Michelangelo (CD)
Ross Perot
Mahatma Gandhi (CD)
Robert S. McNamara
Horatio Nelson
Edgar Hoover
Benjamin Netanyahu

90-year-old Grandma takes on the rapids

A woman in Linlithgow, Scotland, said she celebrated her 90th birthday by going white-water rafting down the rapids of the River Tay.
Gean Hodsdon said she decided to dare the rapids for her birthday Friday after her doctor nixed her initial plans to go skydiving to honor the fact she was turning 90.
"It was great fun and quite an eye-opener. I didn't realize how much safety gear I would have to put on," Hodsdon said of her birthday adventure.
"I like the water normally but this wasn't very peaceful."
Hodsdon, who resides in a nursing home when she isn't daring the rapids of an icy river, said she chose to enjoy an adventurous birthday because the alternative was simply too "tame."
"I don't feel like I'm 90 although my body does. I thought just having a birthday party would be a bit tame," the daring grandmother said.

The oldest trick in the world using a motorcycle


11-year-old buys beach front mansions worth a pricey $44,000,000

Even by the standards of a city that celebrates extravagance, it was a spectacular shopping spree: In just two weeks an 11-year-old boy from Azerbaijan became the owner of nine waterfront mansions.
The total price tag: about $44 million -- or roughly 10,000 years' worth of salary for the average citizen of Azerbaijan. But the preteen who owns a big chunk of some of Dubai's priciest real estate seems to be anything but average.
His name, according to Dubai Land Department records, is Heydar Aliyev, which just happens to be the same name as that of the son of Azerbaijan's president, Ilham Aliyev. The owner's date of birth, listed in property records, is also the same as that of the president's son.