Thursday, October 22, 2009

Four-story treehouse structure ordered torn down by city

Spiraling around the old oak tree are more than a ton of pressure-treated lumber, some 500 lag screws and nuts, 1,000 feet of jute rope, and 48 feet of rebar.
Atop it all, about 50 feet in the air amid large, golden leaves, sits a copper squirrel fixed on a patina-covered weathervane.
The elaborately designed, four-platform treehouse cost Michael Chapman about $12,000 and just about every waking hour of the past three months. It was a work of love, a childhood dream come true, he said.
Now, after a city inspection and complaints from neighbors - his lair in the sky must come down.
If he doesn’t, the city could fine him up to $300 a day.

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