Friday, June 29, 2007

Bush and a visit to New Zealand

A visit to New Zealand by United States President George W. Bush is being actively considered in Washington.

The visit would follow his attendance at the annual Apec summit in Sydney on September 8 and 9.

Would you like George Bush to visit NZ?
Here is a selection of Your Views:

Dave (Auckland CBD) New Zealand customs would never allow well known terrorists into the country, so why let Bush? He is responsible for the hundred's of thousands of deaths in the middle east since his "coalition" of killers invaded Iraq, just so "Daddy and friends" can get their hands on the oil and also make enormous amounts of money in arms dealings. Bush is not welcome in NZ! Let's not let the evil monkey set foot in God zone!

Martina (Auckland) We should not be giving Bush the impression that he is welcome here, because he is obviously not. I would resent us funding his useless little visit, too.

Richard I would welcome Bush into NZ, he is very welcome here. And I hope our Government gives him the welcome he deserves and arrests him, and charges him with war crimes and crimes against humanity. This war criminal should be treated like all war criminals.

Steve Schoenberg I would favor Bush visiting only if we promptly arrest him for war crimes. Providing he is in jail, I would favor him staying a while.

John W No thanks! The only place Bush deserves to visit is a court for war criminals, along with his blood-soaked greedy mates Rove and Cheney.

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