Saturday, June 9, 2007

Deer has feeder removed from jaw
June 7, 2007

The deer had still been managing to feed

A deer which survived nine weeks with a metal bird feeder trapped in her mouth has had the object removed.
The wild deer, which has been named Mary, had still been managing to feed every night in Peter Sluggett's garden in Plymouth.
RSPCA officers managed to catch the deer on Wednesday night and were able to remove the feeder.
"She has become just like one of the family, we love her to bits. I can't thank them enough," said Mr Sluggett.

'Likes her food'
"It's clear the bird feeder had managed to get over the top of the lip and the teeth," said Neil Thomas from the RSPCA.

The deer only suffered a small bite to her tongue
The officers prepared a trap for the deer in Mr Sluggett's garden so they could catch her and remove the feeder.
She was not badly injured and was treated for a small bite to the tongue before being released.
"We have grown so used to her, we feed her every night and she really likes her food. "It's just fantastic," said Mr Sluggett.

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