Sunday, July 22, 2007

Devoted couple married 50 years die hours apart

A couple died within hours of each other while celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary.
Brian and Betty Eckersley were marking 50 years of married life with a holiday in Majorca. But tragedy struck when, on the day they were due to travel home, Mrs Eckersley suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage and Mr Eckersley had a massive heart attack.
Medics on the island were unable to save the couple, both aged 72, leaving the family who had traveled with them heartbroken.
Daughter, Carol Cutler, said: "In all the days they were married my parents had not spent a day apart.
They got engaged before my dad went off to his National Service, and married when he returned. Their story is just so romantic. These days stories like this are rarely heard of.
What happened came as such a shock to everybody. My mother was not ill, and, although contracted cancer two-and-half-years-ago, it didn't stop him from doing anything. Even in death they were never apart."

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