Saturday, August 4, 2007

Double-Trouble: Tiger gives birth to twin cubs - one yellow and one white

Cubs Jinliang and Yinshuai aren't any ordinary twins.
Workers at Tianjin Zoo, China were shocked when the pair was born - because they arrived into the world in completely different colors - yellow and white.
The furry feline's mother Meimei was a mixed blood tiger - and each of her off spring has unusually inherited each of her different colors.
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Zoo workers were stunned when Jinliang (left) and Yinshuai were born with two entirely different colors
The yellow cub has the hue of a common Bengali tiger - but the animal genetics would make the birth of his white brother virtually impossible.
The twins were born on May 31st.
The Bengali tiger is the most common tiger subspecies and is the national animal of both Bangladesh and India.
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The twins play with their mother Memei

The cub’s difference is due to an extremely rare gene defect

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