Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Reason Not To Buy Chinese

Live worms found in Chinese chocolates
Last week worms and moths crawled out of a box of chocolates imitating a popular international brand, and even a few larvae. But by the time this was noticed, a few chocolate balls had been consumed. The chocolates were picked up by a Korean consumer on his trip to China. But local manufacturing experts say it looks as though the contamination happened during the manufacturing process. "It seems to be seriously contaminated during the manufacturing process since the larvae of Plodia Interpun were found," says Professor Ahn Young-chul at Eulji University.

Reports suggest that worms were found in some chocolates made in Korea as well. But the news about the 'China Chocolates' adds to the already-damaged "Made in China" brand. China, for it's part, dismisses the reports and defends the quality of its exports. The consumer who found worms in his chocolate said the Chinese manufacturer of the chocolate insisted he goes back to China with the product if he wanted any compensation.

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