Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another dog knows when you're about to die

When Libby the 14-year-old therapy dog enters the room, folks light up.
It's when Libby plants her feet firmly on the ground and refuses to enter a room that things get more complicated. Her owner says the therapy poodle knows when someone is about to die. "The first few times, I really didn't put it together," said Marge Stiller, the poodle's owner and trainer.
Stiller said when Libby won't pass the threshold, it's because "she has the ability to know - I don't want to say predict - know when a person is going to be passing away within 24 hours." And Marge said Libby's track record is pretty "dog-gone" good. "It's 100 percent. It's been 100 percent, yeah," she said.
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