Friday, November 30, 2007

Products Recalled For Lead In 2007 Reaches 16.2 Million

While Aquadots grabbed all the news this month, 1,391,800 products were recalled for lead contamination.
Most of them were cheap toy jewelry, cars, and action figures.
The sort of stuff you see at "dollar stores."
These recalls don't grab the headlines like the Mattel and Thomas & Friends toys do, but aren't the children playing with them just as susceptible to lead poisoning?
Among the recalled products was pencil pouches that were distributed in schools and a bracelet used in school fund raisers.
Lots of jewelry was recalled, including sets sold at Limited Too, Big Lots, Family Dollar, and Michaels.
There were also lead tainted paint brushes, lead tainted sunglasses, and lead tainted Curious George dolls.
In all, November's recalls have pushed the total number of products recalled for lead contamination in 2007 to 16,203,350.
Once again we remind you not to buy cheap jewelry for your kid. It's leadtastic!
November Recalls [CPSC]

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