Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bits of news

Midwest Ice Storm Causes Blackouts, Traffic Deaths

Curious child hits button, foams airport hanger
A curious child just couldn't resist temptation and hit an emergency button that triggered a sea of fire suppression foam at a Philadelphia airport hanger. The expanse of white foam not only filled the hanger on Saturday but it spilled out onto the tarmac where the wind blew puffs of it into the air like a snow storm. The incident at Northeast Airport occurred during Agusta Aerospace's family day outing. Authorities said an employee's child hit a button that said "Don't hit button unless in an emergency." The Philadelphia Fire Department was called out to to clean up the mess. There was no word on any damage to the helicopter inside the hanger.

Man trapped in bowling club toilet for four days
There was nobody to wonder what the matter could be when David Leggat got stuck in the lavatory at the Kittybrewster and Woodside Bowling Club in Aberdeen - for four days. The 55-year-old bachelor was trapped in the freezing cold "gents" at his bowling club with nothing but tap water to survive on after a door jammed behind him. He spent most of the time in the dark, managed no more than three hours' sleep a night, and was so cold that that he had to put his feet in a hand basin of hot water in an attempt to stay warm.

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