Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bits of News

Pet deer runs amok through restaurant
Witnesses eating lunch Sunday at TJ's Deli in Winston-Salem were startled when they said a woman walking a pet deer on a leash lost control of the animal, causing it to break through a window and run amok through the restaurant's dining room. "I thought maybe a customer had fallen over," employee Richard Fogg said of the loud crash the deer made when it broke through the window. "I looked up and a deer had come through the window." Witnesses in the parking lot said a woman had the deer on a leash, when a crowd that gathered to look spooked the animal, causing it run toward the building.

Las Vegas Car Dealer Fights Order to Lower American Flag
Monday, January 28, 2008
LAS VEGAS — A lawyer he'll keep fighting a city order to lower the height of big American flag flapping over a Las Vegas auto dealership.
Attorney David Chesnoff says the fight for Towbin Hummer's flag is about patriotism, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
Clark County District Court Judge Michael Villani ruled Friday that City Council was within its rights to deny permits for Towbin to keep the super-sized Stars and Stripes on a 109-foot pole.
City officials have accused Towbin of using the oversized flag as a marketing gimmick more than a patriotic symbol.
Neighbors have complained that it flaps too loudly in stiff winds.
Towbin's isn't the only oversized flag in the city. A regional gasoline and convenience store chain has several American flags around town measuring 30 feet by 50 feet on poles 100 feet tall.
City regulations limit poles to 40 feet, but the council can grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Boy, 11, who was deaf for 9 years regains hearing
A boy who has been partially deaf for nine years was suddenly cured - when a cotton wool bud popped out of his ear. Jerome Bartens was diagnosed as deaf in his right ear when he was just two and has struggled at school ever since. But Jerome, now 11, was suddenly able to hear clearly again as he played with friends in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. He said he heard a popping sound, then found the tip of a cotton wool bud in his ear. His family believe Jerome must have put the bud in his ear as a toddler and the centimetre-long cotton tip came off the plastic stem. Jerome has kept the waxy bud as a souvenir of his nine years of silence.
11-Year-Old Boy Partially Deaf for Nine Years Is Suddenly Cured

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