Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bits of News

Hmmm. Didn't I have a house here?
MOSCOW - Returning home after an absence can mean unpleasant surprises — a leaky roof, a pet's mess, even a break-in. But a Russian woman got a nastier surprise when she returned from her country house: her home was gone, torn down mistakenly by construction workers clearing a site, according to a report Thursday on NTV television.

Attempted Bank Robber Didn't Get Far
Grand Rapids Police caught a bank robbery suspect when he tried to hold up the same credit union twice in one month.
We say "tried" because employees recognized the man before he could actually walk into the West Michigan Credit Union on Front Avenue.
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Swedish Bank Stops Digital Theft
A gang of Swedish criminals was seconds away from completing a digital bank heist when an alert employee literally pulled the plug on their brazen scam, investigators said Wednesday.
The would be bank robbers had placed "advanced technical equipment" under the employee's desk that allowed them to take control of his computer remotely, prosecutor Thomas Balter Nordenman said in a statement.
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Mickey Mouse busted for drunk driving
On January 24th, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department arrest records show Mickey Mouse was arrested twice for drunk driving and driving on a revoked license. He was in jail for hours. And, the arrest log gives this description of Mickey. "Five foot nine, 190 pounds, brown hair, black eyes." Sheriff's Department spokesman Sergeant Tim Curran isn't sure how Mickey got into the records, but they assure you, the name is only used for training. The fact that Mickey's arrest made it into the official log, that was a mistake. With news video.

Woman Gets OWI Ticket After Calling 911 Herself.
A woman got a ticket for driving drunk after calling 911 to ask if she could have someone to follow her home.
You did the right thing.

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