Friday, February 15, 2008

Children banned from wearing multi-colored clothes

A pre-school in the northern Swedish town of Koskullskulle has banned children from wearing clothes with stripes or polka-dots.
The reason for the ban is an employee at the school suffers from migraine headaches when viewing multi-colored clothes.
“It’s a pity for the employee and as a result I’ve tried to create an appropriate work environment. The person in question has a right to be able to work,” said pre-school principal Maj Norberg.
According to parents, children who come to school with “inappropriate” clothing are forced to change to monochrome clothes. According to migraine specialist Professor Carl Dahlöf at the Migraine Clinic in Gothenburg, it is possible for stripes to cause migraines. “It's true that certain people are very sensitive to different visual patterns. Some are so sensitive that even striped shirts and paving stones set in patterns can cause a migraine,” he said. However, Dahlöf had never heard that polka-dots could be a contributing factor to the painful headaches.

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