Monday, March 3, 2008

Bits of News

Police Needled At (911) Call To Help With Sewing
A woman in a rush to get to a garden party called (911) to ask for help with her sewing.
The woman, who has not been identified, called police in Rotorua yesterday pleading for help to thread her needle.
Police northern communications told the Herald the woman claimed she needed urgent assistance so she could get to a garden party.
No one was sent as the local police lacked the necessary skill, the spokesman said.
Police and other emergency services receive thousands of nuisance and hoax calls each year including heavy breathers, people wanting taxis and those upset that their takeaway meals were bad.
Last year, a bride in Christchurch, panicked by a large oil stain on her wedding dress, dialed 911 in a desperate plea for help.
Other calls have included:
* A man rang to say there were two hedgehogs fighting on his lawn.
* A woman called to get police to make her boyfriend ask for her hand in marriage.
* A man rang to say there was a cow at his letterbox - and he was scared.
The Friends download cost £11,000
The wife of a city executive cost her husband £11,000 after she downloaded four episodes of the sitcom Friends through his mobile phone while abroad.
The woman used the broadband package on his Vodafone mobile phone to order the programs, which would have been free had the download taken place in Britain. However, her husband flew to Germany on business while the download was still in progress and it resumed after he touched down, incurring the massive fees.
The pair, who has not been named, discovered the unwelcome bill after the executive arrived back in the UK and Vodafone called his firm to alert him.

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