Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woman fights off killer python

A WOMAN determined not to let her kitten become the second victim of a hungry python broke her wrist and was bitten twice as she fought off the large snake. Ruth Butterworth, 58, of Bridgeman Downs on Brisbane's north side, said that as her mother's cat had been crushed to death days earlier, she knew she had to act to stop her kitten, Tuffy, from suffering the same fate.

"It was almost dark and I saw this silhouette coming down, and I knew what was about to happen to Tuffy," she said. "Here was this evil thing coming out of the fence, coming down, and within a couple of seconds it had the cat." Ms Butterworth had been calling Tuffy, but the kitten playfully ran back and forth in front of the fence before the snake struck. "I just started punching the thick part of the snake where it was about the size of my arm," Ms Butterworth said. "I wasn't looking, I just kept punching until it let go." The snake bit Ms Butterworth twice before it released Tuffy, who ran indoors. It wasn't until Tuffy was safe and Ms Butterworth fell backwards to get away from the snake that she realized she had broken her wrist and been bitten. Days earlier Ms Butterworth's mother found her cat, Coco, dead, crushed by the same snake.

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