Friday, May 23, 2008

Could Bella the oldest dog in the world?

A Derbyshire couple are trying to prove their pet Labrador cross is the oldest dog in the world. Bella's owner David Richardson, 76, said he bought the mixed breed dog from the RSPCA 26 years ago when she was "at least three years old". That would make Bella's age more than 200 in canine years.
But the RSPCA said it does not have any records for Bella and Guinness World Records said without the appropriate paperwork it could not be proved. Mr Richardson said he thought Bella might be the oldest dog in England, but was shocked to realise that she might be the oldest in the world. His partner Daisy Cooper said Bella was showing signs of her age, but still goes for a walk in the park. She eats little as she has only two teeth left, but loves to suck on sweets.
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