Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girl of four saves man from fire

A girl of four saved the life of a sleeping neighbor by raising the alert after a blaze broke out in his flat. Leah Merritt was woken by a smoke alarm in the apartment above her family’s. She knew exactly what to do after a talk on fire safety two weeks ago at her nursery school.
Leah said: "I heard a beeping noise and ran and told my mummy." Mum Sam Broom, 25, and dad Barry Merritt, 31, at first thought the noise was a false alarm. Technician Barry said: "I couldn’t raise anyone upstairs so dialed 999." Firemen broke in to the flat in Brentwood, Essex, and rescued a 49-year-old man suffering smoke inhalation. A spokesman said: "If it hadn’t been for Leah he could have died."

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