Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Milk Bottle Banksy' comes out of the shadows

The artist who decorates empties before returning them to their doorstep reveals herself
For months now, they have provided a daily doorstep puzzle for mystified homeowners.When they go to pick up their milk, they find extra bottles. The bottles are empty. But etched on them are pictures of animals, often cows or mice, carefully carved into the glass in astonishing detail.
The free artwork has been puzzling and delighting residents in Stourbridge, West Midlands, and surrounding villages since the bottles started appearing in the spring. But the identity of the artist behind them - nicknamed the 'bottle Banksy' after the secretive graffiti artist whose work appears overnight on buildings across the country - remained a mystery. Now, however, the identity of the person behind the milk bottle creations has been revealed as Charlotte Hughes-Martin. The 30-year-old artist said she had been motivated by a desire to show how 'domestic, everyday objects can be things of beauty too.'
Charlotte's website

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