Monday, September 22, 2008

Three-year-old boy's phone call saves his mother's life

A three-year-old boy has saved his mother's life by dialing 999 after she suffered an epileptic fit. Jack Thomson used his mother's mobile to call the emergency services and told them she was lying sick in the hallway and his father was at work. The phone then cut-out. Undeterred, the youngster found another mobile and dialed 999 again. He was unable to say where he lived but the second call enabled operators to trace his location in Lochgelly, Fife.
The three-year-old was at home with his sisters Holly, two, and baby Kirsty when his mother became ill. After the phone call, police and ambulance crews forced entry into Jack's home and found his mother, Leanne, lying in the hallway. Paramedics attended to her and she is recovering at home. Police praised Jack for his quick action. Insp Duncan Ormiston said: "Without doubt, young Jack has saved his mum's life. Jack deserves a medal and I have arranged for a police hat and some goodies to be sent out to him as the Contact Center's honorary wee Special Constable."
With video featuring Jack's 999 call.

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